About The AUTHOR

Carrie Weston has achieved many things since the release of her debut novel, Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code, which has won a reader’s favourite rosette from the magic book corner July 2020 and best opening 300 words – award of excellence from the Authors’ Networking Group February 2021.

She has written articles on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (something she herself suffers from) for author Kiri Books and an article on the Herefordshire Cathedral Museum (featuring the mappa mundi) for mainlymuseums.com

She has an active blog with character interviews, games news and tips on writing found at: carrieweston.ampbk.com

About The BOOKS


World Book Day Celebrations

Generally children / teens and adults like to celebrate this special day of reading by getting dressed up as their favourite book character. Well, this year World Book Day saw a young Xander Chase flying in with the aid of a trampoline! [...]


May has been a month of changes, from manuscripts to life. We are all trying to get used to the new post pandemic rules. Finally, we can go out to book stores, order our favourite books and read them. I have been busy putting final touches to Xander Chase 2 which is [...]

Xander Chase 2 will be back on schedule

As lockdown slowly lifts we see the increase of author takeover parties again, the joy of finally (in a few weeks) being able to go to stores and libraries. Many group activities will be reopening and Xander Chase 2 will be back on schedule to come out very soon. Ma [...]


Character interview with angel of dark Galalee.

I would like to take a moment to announce that the head angel of Dark/ness Galalee will be joining us today, but because of his inability to cross into the human realm and my inability to hear into the spirit realm, he will be conversing via our translator Anny. &ld [...]

Types Of Crime Fiction

What type of crime fiction do I write? – I have been asked this a lot of times as it does not fit in the stereo typical image of the genre for it intertwines with several mains themed genres. The main genre my book comes under is Crime Fiction. But tha [...]

The Pitch

-A pitch is an overview of a project that you put to / send to an agent in hopes that they will be intrigued enough to ask for the whole manuscript. -An elevator pitch is exactly the same but done in person with a very short time limit – hence the elevator (yo [...]


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