World building – setting the scene

If your feeling grey this January I have the perfect blog fix for you;

First of all, it is often best to make notes of any places you go to or see that inspire you. Take photos, do sketches and then embellish the bits that capture your attention most. Keep them all in a book or file as a reference, then when you’re looking for inspiration for landscapes, city’s et cetera then it’s at hand.

Grounding is also important in real life/fantasy novels (I’m not talking sifi). People like to immerse themselves in your fictional worlds so often starting out in reality and then teasing them into your worlds with their different laws is a much more subtle way to uproot the reader from the normal.

Do not forget when you’re crafting that the scenes are one of your most important tools. Describe and sensualise your setting, make them believe it is a real place, let them know how the grass feels on their feet, how the twin moons shine all day leaving an ethereal cosmic glow that distorts your vision with a bluish tint.

Remember not to do too much telling as a huge download of scenery with just ambush your reader’s scenes and they are likely to close the book or stop reading. (We don’t want that!)

So let your imagination flow, draw pictures, do doodles and note words or sentences that you just can’t get out of you head. Know your world inside out.

                More blogs on world building to come J

Hearts and Kisses