World Building – realm hopping

Welcome everyone this blog is focused on Realm Hopping and how to achieve it (in fantasy J ).

First, we have to ask ourselves how we are going to hop realms. Is there a portal? A secret gateway, a magician who spells you maybe. There is always a way, a way you have to root in to reality but always a way.


So once you’ve decided what ‘way’ to use you have to describe is what it looks like, how it feels as you pass though/ got through it. Can you hear anything? Does it make a sound? What can you feel? Does it have any effect on your body – side effects, even after? What does it smell like as you cross through the ‘way’ or maybe you’re in a deep woody smelling forest and transported to a sunny beach that smells salty and spicy?

Every little sensation can help ground your realm hop into reality so explore it in your mind and find out its weaknesses or how malleable it is and create. You’re a writer because you write. So write on!


Hearts and kisses