There is power in a name

As many people will attest Death is a scary subject.  But more than that it is a questionable point in every living things life. An inevitability that causes much debate about what lies after.


In essence allowing our imaginations free will to form the most spectacular concepts of what we believe lies beyond.


Most people believe that naming something can give you power over it for everyone will understand it characteristics when that name is spoken. For instance money. It a piece of plastic or paper or coins. But everyone wants it. People will do unimaginable things to attain it. There for moneys power is greed.


If we apply this concept of ‘power in a name’ to death it makes death as a character extremely powerful. People automatically have feelings of fear towards Death because they cannot understand the concept itself, the finality of it and the fear of the unknown. So to add depth to the character I add an equally unappealing, scary, repulsive, inhuman physical appearance to the character. Once that is done his mannerism must be addressed. How do you think Death would speak?








That’s right, angry – shouting no soft speech or empathic emotions everything had to be raw and aggressive to create my Death character.


So when you write or even evaluate writing remember that a writer thinks intently about names to give the character an unknown power so the name its self could hold a clue as to the characters true self.



I hope you enjoyed this blog

Hearts and Kisses