Hi Everyone, so I get the whole isolation thing is starting to get to everyone, so why not share our TBR lists and what we love about the books were reading?

So I am one of those people who reads a genra depending on my mood so I have a wide range of books in my TBR from traditional authors to indi and hybred.

So from my Instagram post #MyThreeBooks

The book I loved as a child was – Artemis Fowl by Eion Colfer

I have always admired the fantastical world building in this book. The way the protagonist is in essence a ‘badie’ its such an awesome read and I would recommend if you haven’t checked it out – you really should.

The book Im loving right now –Orkish Dreams by B&S Simpson

This is an Indi book I am currently reading that has a beauty and beast feel to it. The world building in this book is awesome. This book is well worth checking out if you’re a fantasy fan.

Ok so heres the biggie. The book I cant wait to read; Scythe – by Neal Shusterman

I haven’t had chance to read this yet. But as any follower of mine will understand I love the concept of death in a book and the cover being an image where the scythe creates the face of the character, makes the scythe very symbolic and as you all know from my own cover I lovee symbolism.

I currently have over 30 TBR books on my list from all types of authors ranging from poerty-romance-fantasy/si-fi and horror.

So my best advice for readers during this pandemic is spice it up, read something new/ a different genra or age group – that way you shouldn’t get bored.

I hope you all enjoyed this. Keep me informed on what your reading. Spread the word of a good book and ultimately haave fun and stay #StayBookedStayHome

Hearts and Kisses