Show don’t tell!

Now some people do this because they like it and it’s their style – and that’s ok. It’s their style.


But for those who do want to understand the ‘show don’t tell’ concept then check out the ordinary sentence below and let’s get into it.



Plain, ordinary sentence. Nothing wrong with it. Straight to the point but if you’re writing creatively it tells you nothing except the obvious and so it’s dismissed as unimportant. The writer has not made it interesting enough to capture our attention, therefore we assume it is just a fact that in some cases is almost irrelevant. If the writer doesn’t care enough to elaborate about the walk then what do we care if it’s there or not it’s unimportant and quite plainly – boring.


But by adding the ‘show don’t tell’ concept its potential to be an interesting, engaging sentence for the reader is paramount.


Okay so let’s add a little showing. How? Think of the senses;






– make the reader feel like they are walking next to your character.

So let’s try again with showing.



This sentence tells us so much more than the original and It’s interesting, it has a purpose in the writing. We are instantly wondering;


  • Why does the person have frozen feet – do they not have adequate shoes, has the temperature suddenly dropped – are they walking through snow – is it winter?


  • Why does the brother bully the sibling into the daily walk – what’s going on – are they scared?


  • Many more questions can be pulled from this sentence, making it interesting and of consequence to the reader.


Why don’t you have a go?

Have fun.


Hearts and Kisses