House editing

House editing is what publishers do to your manuscript when you sign a contract with them for your book. It is a process of intense editing of paragraphs, spellings, title pages, chapter numbers and so much more.

Part of this process includes styling. Now, styling is different in every publishing house, it’s the bit that marks an author’s work as coming from their publication house. For instance, if you look at the spine of a book, most will have a small logo that identifies them as belonging to a certain publication house such as the feather of the Austin Macauley house or the  ‘H’ for harlequin or the penguin for – you guessed it, penguin!

Throughout this process you will be asked to review parts or sections of your work. You may even be asked to cut a section all together or change the name of the protagonist or manuscript. This can be really tough, but remember the publishers are doing this for a reason – to help your book sell.

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