Answering Your Questions

Okay, so today in order to shake away some of those January blues I am going to answer some of the questions sent to me via my social media network.



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Q1 who are your top five inspitations? – Laura


I would have to say Patrica Briggs as I love her Mercy Thompson series and how well her charactures imitate real wolfs in their werewolf form.

P.C Cast is also a favorite with her Goddess novels and my particular favorate – Divine by Mistake.

Larissa Ione’s Demonica series is great and her world building is awesome.

Gena Showalter and Maria V.Snyder are my top five. But there are many, many books I just love to read over and over again. I seriously cant get enough of them.

(Thank you for the question Laura)


Q2 How did you come up with your tilte – D.W.


Well, Xander Chase is the main characture so it just made sense and his name is a very important part of who he is later on. (No spoilers here J )

‘and the’ seems to be quite traditionally linked with the childrens / young adult market so again it made sense, especially as the book continues.

Unicorn Code – now this is the lure, the hook of the title. For some will think it’s a code to break, whilst others think its morality based or litrally unicorns and what code they live by and so on. J

(thank you for the question D.W.)


Q3 Is friendship a big part of your writing? – Katherine R.


Yes and no. The friendship between Stacy and Kiern is elementary to the story as they are police partners and need to work well together. They are also friends outside of work creating a close net relationship where they can disguse cases and such.

Xander and Galalees relationship is a type of friendship as well as brother hood. They protect each other but ultimately Xander is in charge.

(Thank you for your queation Katherine R.)


Q4 When your writing do you prefer music, tv or silence? – James


Most of the time I chose music that suits the mood or tone that im going for in a scene but when its an extreamly intence moment I need complete silence to get the pitch of my writing just how I want it.

(Thank you for your question James J )





I will answer more of your questions in future blogs so stay tuned and don’t forget to follow me for a heads up of what’s happening next.


Hearts and kisses