A ray of hope

In this time of darkness for the world,

during the mist of this pandemic virus,

I wish to share with you the candle of hope.


To get started I thought I would share a famous quote;

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

– Martin Luther King Jr

An extract from my book I used to create a sense of HOPE through the symbolism of light is;

‘The cottage stood eerily dark, except for the small glow from a battery candle she knew her mother kept beside her bed. ‘Incase your father needs a light to find his way home’ she said one day when she tried to turn it off.’

– Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code

I have pulled this quote from my book to show the importance of hope to you and explain how the simple flicker of a candle can encompass such empathic feelings in its simplistic beauty.

To understand this fully we have to ask ourselfs the meaning of light.

Many religions believe in lighting a candle for the dead as a remembrance. Some even believe that the light will help to guide the deceased when crossing over.

(Metaphorically speaking of course. J )

Now, for thousands of years light has meant more than its primary dictionary meaning. It has meant warmth and heat to our subconscious instincts as both are given off even from the tiniest of flames. From there we continue our pondering on the word as in warm places we find growth and so consider natural light to be kind of nurturing

to us, invoking healthiness and in so doing we create a happy mentality.

On a primal level, it also gives us the impression of safety as in the light we can usually see predators and the dangers that may be lurking.

And so in creating this broad net of relatable words that create an onomatopoeic effect within our subconscious, we have come to strongly relate one word to Light


Stay safe friends and fans

Hearts and kisses