World Book Day Celebrations

Generally children / teens and adults like to celebrate this special day of reading by getting dressed up as their favourite book character. Well, this year World Book Day saw a young Xander Chase flying in with the aid of a trampoline! [...]


May has been a month of changes, from manuscripts to life. We are all trying to get used to the new post pandemic rules. Finally, we can go out to book stores, order our favourite books and read them. I have been busy putting final touches to Xander Chase 2 which is [...]

Xander Chase 2 will be back on schedule

As lockdown slowly lifts we see the increase of author takeover parties again, the joy of finally (in a few weeks) being able to go to stores and libraries. Many group activities will be reopening and Xander Chase 2 will be back on schedule to come out very soon. Ma [...]

Best 300-word novel opening!

February has seen Xander Chase enter the ‘best 300-word’ novel competition amongst the Authors Networking Group on Facebook. I am so proud to be the winner of the award. For those of you waiting for Xander Chase 2, bear with us, COVID-19 is making things [...]

January News 2021

January has been a trial with this new lockdown in the U.K. But the good news is vaccinations are getting out there and hopefully soon we will all be safe. This January has seen me interviewed by the lovely Jodie. Where we talked about how I got into writing, my [...]

December News

Wow what a December! Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code has made an appearance in the UK’s December Virtual Book Fayre on Facebook, where we met some more UK authors, played bookish games and gave sneaky teasers. We have also been a part of Roses and D [...]

November news

November has seen the second birthday of Xander Chase along with my involvement in this year’s Children In Need’s – children in read. An auction of many authors work sold to the highest bidder to raise money. I am glad to report this has been a grea [...]


October is a time for spooky reads and having fun so why not check out the Children In Needs #childreninread this year and make a bid on a book to help raise some money! Xander Chase is available to bid on as lot number 597 along with titles from J.K. Rowling, Phill [...]

August 2020

Hello mighty readers, Today’s news is of an awesome interview conducted with none other than Sai Charan Paloju on his popular YouTube blog @SmartCherry so go on over and check it out, you can leave a comment or ask a question of your own. If you enjoy the int [...]

A- is for Award!

Some wonderful news to share with you all is that my debut novel has been awarded a READERS FAVORATE e-rosette by the followers of Instagram’s Magic Book Corner – whoop! Whoop! And a big thank you to all of my readers, friends and followers who nominated [...]

Author Takeover

July has brought in invitations to attend and be a part of some wonderful book parties celebrating authors new releases and giving me the chance of Author Takeovers at their book parties on Facebook. One such book party went off with a blast on the 8th with giveaway [...]

Joyful June News

This June has been an exciting month so far with my book cover being voted for, in the ‘AllAuthor,’ competition! We have already made it into the top 100 book covers of June so fingers crossed we’ll get into the next round. If you haven’t vote [...]

Book Fair Live!

Wednesday the 27th of May 2020 during lockdown I went LIVE with @OurOwnWrite book fair on twitter for the first time to read an extract from my book. This extract is nothing like the previews available on amazon so before you buy the book check it out quickly while i [...]

Social distancing book fest, Magic book corner’s giveaway, my latest interview and book bloggers review!

I am very happy to confirm my involvement as a participating author in the first ever Social Distancing Book Festival. I have met many authors and readers thanks to this (via internet – stay safe) and watched the interesting panels which can still be found on u [...]

Hereford Museum Article

During March I was very busy after having been asked to write an article on a local museum by mainly museums website. It is now a finished and published a piece on the beautiful Hereford Cathedral and it wondrous Mappa Mundi in the UK. Please check it out and see wha [...]


Good day followers This month sees Magic book corners review of my book with a lovely ‘5 dark stars’ rating. Thank you Magic book corner. To read the whole review and check out what she thinks of the characters then check out her website on - https://the [...]

Front cover illustrator news!

Wow, more February news! This month cover illustrator of my book – Caroline Hollywell sees the launch of her brand new website and freelance illustration business for all illustrative genres from picture books to NA. So give her gallery of work a flick thr [...]

In aid of WIRES Australian fires!

As everyone is aware the devastating fires in Australia have caused a lot of damage to habitats and wildlife. So when Ms. Moss a local Herefordian decided to host a fate in aid of raising money for Australias injured animals, I decided to contribute three signed [...]

Pixie Ponders Review

This book was a treat, wrapped up and presented perfectly. The story is so intriguing from page one, that it’s nearly impossible to put down. The mystery and suspense are played out just right. This book deserves far more attention then it gets. Eve [...]

Shout out!

I would also like to congratulate the winners of my first anniversary giveaway. * Catherine McCARTHY * K’s Mum * BookCushion Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code signed books are on their way to the three of you – enjoy! [...]

Interview, Blog Spot and More!

Wow, what a busy October! I have been interviewed by Crime Fiction Author Jeff C Fuller on and asked about my book and some aspects of my life. If you are interested in keeping in the know check it out or send me a question you may have. Xander C [...]

Indi bookshelf

Once a month NINE authors are chosen by @indiauthorcentral to be showcased on their widely celebrated bookshelf and this month Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code is among the other very talented authors featured!!! ‘If you are in need to dive into new worlds th [...]

Author Voice – CRPS Awareness

It has been lovely being asked to write an article by the wonderful people of Kiri Books. So when they asked for it to reflect my opinion on something very close to me I chose to write my article on the silent illness CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) please chec [...]

Booktube meets Xander Chase

New York Booktuber Christina has broadcasted Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code in her Indi Book Haul on her channel – Ctina Loves 2 Read - so check out her awesome read out and while You are there why not subscribe to her channel. [...]

Book Blogger club

Book bloggers are a very popular way, along with reviews and other book platforms to find your next fantastical adventure, whatever it might be. So when Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code made it to one of Australia’s young adult book bloggers I was very excited [...]

Interview with Kiri Books

Wow! I’ve got a truly amazing piece of news to share; I’ve been recently chosen as one of the five authors to have an interview with Emily Arora, of Kiri Books, As well as a review from Kamal! If you fancy checking it out please head over to; https://k [...]

Weobley School Book Club Meet Author Carrie

Weobley High Schools club of avid book readers in Herefordshire invited me to join them at one of their meetings to talk about my debut novel; Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code. The lovely students there had some wonderful questions and a real thirst for knowledge [...]

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