Character interview with angel of dark Galalee.

I would like to take a moment to announce that the head angel of Dark/ness Galalee will be joining us today, but because of his inability to cross into the human realm and my inability to hear into the spirit realm, he will be conversing via our translator Anny. &ld [...]

Types Of Crime Fiction

What type of crime fiction do I write? – I have been asked this a lot of times as it does not fit in the stereo typical image of the genre for it intertwines with several mains themed genres. The main genre my book comes under is Crime Fiction. But tha [...]

The Pitch

-A pitch is an overview of a project that you put to / send to an agent in hopes that they will be intrigued enough to ask for the whole manuscript. -An elevator pitch is exactly the same but done in person with a very short time limit – hence the elevator (yo [...]

Medieval weaponry and fighting in scenes

Conducting a fight scene can be a complicated experience when thinking about plotting it into a novel. There are many types of factors that must be considered when planning one, from the use of language to the authentic steps it takes to wield the weapon of choice. [...]

Explore the ‘hero’ with me

Classically all fantasy novels would admit to one Hero within their character line up. Often the writer creates these ‘hero’s’ with specific characteristics and abilities; a stereo typical structure of a Hero if you like- a hero’s trope even. [...]

Fantastical creatures word search

Fancy a little fun? a c a d o u b l i c o r n q x k b r f e t n c l t l s m r t h d n u s a m s a g a r g o y l e x z s e t t e f t b n y e j e l e h t f h b e l i h h f a n n l w z a a u y l s f x u v s q s c a c t o n t i f a e s b d t g a d p i g i g e w i [...]

An insight into Villainous characters

So as before, villains are an important part of the fantasy novel structure as well as many more genres, as they help our hero’s to mature and provide an achievable goal whilst simultaneously brining the relationship between the reader and the hero closer toget [...]

Stormy weather

stormy weather The weather can play a vital role in emphasising the feel, the emotional texture of a scene.  For example; if you’re characters are in a haunted house and they step outside into glorious warm sunshine then the mood of the scene kind of ampl [...]

Fantastical creatures word search

Fancy a little fun Fantastical creatures to find; Angels      Doublicorn       Witch             Seelie         [...]

Christmas reading traditions

December is all about traditions for those of us who celebrate Christmas and reading books is one of those traditions for a good amount of the population. In Iceland on Christmas eve, they snuggle down with a gifted book for a tradition called ‘Jolabokaflod&rs [...]

Onomatopoeia word game

Let’s play a word game using Onomatopoeia! First, we need to know what Onomatopoeia is; Onomatopoeia refers to the use of words which sound like the noise they refer to. 'Hiss', 'buzz', and 'rat-a-tat-tat' are examples of onomatopoeia. – Collins [...]

Anxiety grounding

2020 has been one hell of a year and many of us are finding life stressful right now so I thought I would share some anxiety grounding tips with you. Grounding comes in steps like the scenes. We have five scenes and so five ways to ground ourselves if we are nearin [...]

Main character view point teasers

As a crime fiction book, I felt the best way for me to convey my story to people was to do it from multiple characters' viewpoints. So, I have four main characters within the book and here they are three of them with view point teasers for you; Lilly- There’s [...]

Favourite character

Hello and welcome everyone, I really appreciate you tuning in to find out what’s going on! Remember your voice counts – I want to know what you think, you’re questions and anything else you want to share. ? So, without any further a due I would l [...]

Interview with illustrator

I thought it might be interesting to ask the illustrator of my cover, Blaze's picture and the name illustrations, I use, a few questions. (Note she is the illustrator only – the text was applied after). Okay, so Caroline- -What did you have to take into consi [...]

Authors Adopt

I am very proud to announce my involvement in Authors Adopt 2020 founded by New York Times Bestselling author Penny Reid. The aim of the project was to provide literature, fiction and non-fiction, for our hard working medical staff worldwide during the covoid-19 pan [...]

Hearts and kisses

A few of you have been asking why I sign off with the phrase hearts and kisses. Well, here I am to fill you in. It all came about when I was at high school, I used to write adventure and noir stories in the safety of the library (where I sneakily ate my lunch &ndash [...]

What kind of Fae are you?

Below are a series of questions, all you have to do is pick an answer a b or c note it down and see what you have the most of at the end. 1- do you- A/ have a wickedly sharp tongue? B/ prefer to stay quiet (your quite shy)? C/ prefer to be candid no matter the co [...]

The effect writing can have on our health

Okay, so there are many forms of stress relief but did you know that writing can be one of them?   How can writing help us to expel some of the negativity in our life’s?   Keeping a journal can be therapeutic and cleansing for our minds by dispers [...]

Get your Read-on!

Its #summerreading time so fill up you #Kindle stock up on #paperbacks and have the adventure of a lifetime your friends will all envy – without even leaving home. Books are mesmerising objects filled of magical words sewn through the story by the author. The [...]


Here’s the BIG question; How do writers make magic real? I find there are a few things that can trick the mind into allowing the fantasy of magic to be relatable and in some such terms, viable. 1 Try to use old language if you intend to write your spells or [...]

Library Fun!

Libraries are not what they used to be. Silence is still appreciated or hushed talking but children more now than ever are encouraged to visit them. With their free borrowing system here in the UK (unless you give the book back late) there are well worth going to for [...]

A romantic thread

Let’s face it, most of us look for a little romance in our lives and so expect the same of our character friends in books. The way I write, I like to create romance through friendship- as I believe friendship is an essential platform for a relationship to begi [...]

Spirit Realm Game

Congratulations, you’ve made it into the spirit realm. There’s obviously a little angel in you – but what kind? Answer the game questions and make a note of the letters you choose. Question 1 – Which colour do you prefer? Green Blue Brown [...]

Show don’t tell!

Now some people do this because they like it and it’s their style – and that’s ok. It’s their style. But for those who do want to understand the ‘show don’t tell’ concept then check out the ordinary sentence below and let&rs [...]

There is power in a name

As many people will attest Death is a scary subject.  But more than that it is a questionable point in every living things life. An inevitability that causes much debate about what lies after. In essence allowing our imaginations free will to form the most spec [...]


Hi Everyone, so I get the whole isolation thing is starting to get to everyone, so why not share our TBR lists and what we love about the books were reading? So I am one of those people who reads a genra depending on my mood so I have a wide range of books in my TBR [...]

House editing

House editing is what publishers do to your manuscript when you sign a contract with them for your book. It is a process of intense editing of paragraphs, spellings, title pages, chapter numbers and so much more. Part of this process includes styling. Now, styling i [...]


In celebration of – encouraging a young writer’s day I thought we should play a game. I challenge you to find three words in the word search below and then make a paragraph out of them. Example – Sam was bashful that night. But why? Could it have [...]

A ray of hope

In this time of darkness for the world, during the mist of this pandemic virus, I wish to share with you the candle of hope. To get started I thought I would share a famous quote; Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out h [...]

Writing yourself into a corner?

Okay, so everyone does it at one point in time or another and then others of us do it purposely to test our imaginative minds. But how do we really get out of it? How do we stop? I will begin by writing myself into a corner. [...]

World Building – realm hopping

Welcome everyone this blog is focused on Realm Hopping and how to achieve it (in fantasy J ). First, we have to ask ourselves how we are going to hop realms. Is there a portal? A secret gateway, a magician who spells you maybe. There is always a way, a way you have [...]

Fan photo!

The grey days of January brought me to award winning Crickhowell, where I was met with sunny smiles from literature fans and local holistic shop owner. [...]

World building – setting the scene

If your feeling grey this January I have the perfect blog fix for you... [...]

Answering Your Questions

Okay, so today in order to shake away some of those January blues I am going to answer some of the questions sent to me via my social media network. If your not following, follow now on; Facebook – Author Carrie Weston Twitter – @AuthorWeston Instagra [...]

Christmas character interview – special!

Hi everyone, so today Blaze is going to tell us a bit about her childhood – before her identity was uncovered by the herd, as a Doublicorn. So Blaze what do you remember of your childhood? My family obviously. (Snarls a little) My home, realm. Normal boring s [...]


Ok so first – what’s an acronym? An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the first letters of a/ multiple words that is actually said like a word in its own context – CSI for example. So I though today I would share some of the writing and readi [...]

The Power Of A Good Cover!

A cover has to reflect your novel. But not tell its conclusion. There's no point in reading the book otherwise. Think about what you want but don’t be too specific for all artists have their own style and they will all see something different to you. Think abo [...]

The weeping angel

‘He stood in his full glory, stretching his wingspan and willing himself to cry-’ – Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code (chapter 22, page 142) - Xander played the classic angel weeping This particular scene was derived from a phenomenon occurring in [...]

The purpose of a name.

The purpose of a name can express a belonging too or show an existence or a social standing. A name is a very powerful thing. It grows with us as we age as we are often given nicknames which indicates close relationship with our peers and family. Most of us shorten [...]

Unicorns and Doublicorns.

Hi everyone, so it’s time to talk about mythical creatures. Unicorns are known widely in myth as pure creatures that can do no wrong. But how realistic is that really? Everything has a dark side and so I gave my unicorns the Yin’ to their Yang’ an [...]

What inspires you?

Do you have a lucky charm you can place in your sacred space? A few words of inspiration? A quote from your favourite book or a compelling illustration? Anything that makes you happy belongs in your life so that you can draw inspiration from it. Why not create your [...]

A sacred writing space

Everyone knows you can write practically anywhere, whether it be on a laptop, i-pad, tablet or just classic paper. But by creating a space that is solely for writing you are creating a pivot in your mind that says ‘when I am in this space I can write’. T [...]

Essence – part 2.

Knowing your character. Many character structure sheets can be found on the internet with things such as age/race/features. But personally, I like to create my own fact file sheets on my characters so as to include specific words structures such as; Xander would s [...]

Essence part 1

As you can see from my earlier blog ‘ Talula’s interview’. All characters need an essence for the reader to bond with. Something that makes them more than just words on a page. This comes in two ways; • Learning your VOICE • Knowing you [...]

Exclusive character interview

Hello and welcome. Today we are talking to Talula. Hi, I am here today to talk to you about my profession as a coroner. Yes that’s right – (I but in) – so tell us what made you want to be a coroner? Right, as I was saying – I decided at an [...]

A detectives natural tools at a crime scene

Okay, so today we are going to explore the puzzles or crime and how a detective can solve them. Most people know that detectives carry notebooks and pens to take statements from witnesses and notes about the crime scene as well as any evidential weapons. But there [...]

Character picking.

Hi everyone, so blue moons and magic, what’s next? Character of course!!! Well first things first – I had to start thinking about what kind of a character can cause a blue moon? Well this is where I had to get my thinking cap on and research some mythi [...]

What came first???

Hi everyone, so I bet you’ve been wondering what came first – the chicken or the – No, the character or the concept? Well in my case I stumbled (as I often do ) across a rare phenomenon that sparked my interest – the blue moon. It turned [...]

Welcome to my world!!!

Hi everyone, a big shout out to all of you who are reading this – thanks!!! As you already know Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code is my debut novel – just to point out, that I am a complete novice at this blogging stuff. I would like to take this chance [...]

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