Pixie Ponders Review


This book was a treat, wrapped up and presented perfectly. The story is so intriguing from page one, that it’s nearly impossible to put down. The mystery and suspense are played out just right. This book deserves far more attention then it gets.

Every single character in this novel was well written, placed perfectly, and enjoyable. I can’t even attempt to chose a favorite because they are all seriously fantastic. It’s so great to watch these characters grow and become their true selfs.

I loved the detective aspect, mixed in with the supernatural aspect. You seen the world from a “human” prospective, and from a few different creatures throughout the realms. It all mixed very well and came together in the end perfectly.



5 stars for this morsel!!

I couldn’t stop reading, it was like I was there, waiting to see what would happen next. I really hope the author has a sequel planned, because I am already itching to continue this story.

Great Job Carrie!!!