Writing yourself into a corner?

Okay, so everyone does it at one point in time or another and then others of us do it purposely to test our imaginative minds. But how do we really get out of it? How do we stop?


I will begin by writing myself into a corner.

Now, what can you see? A word block or a pivot?


Everything is about perception. If you think you’ve written yourself into a corner then you will be disheartened and possibly give up but all you need to do is see this corner as a pivot in your writing, a place where you need to bridge the gap. Put the sentence on audio and listen to it. Pretend the character is you. What abilities do they have that could free them from this corner and tilt the pivot? If their clever why not have them create something or out smart someone. If they have special powers maybe they can use them. If they are just ordinary human beings then why not have someone come to their rescue or a distraction?


If all else fails to tilt that corner into the pivot you can now see, then try re-writing that section and not falling into that pit fall again. Or cut it if needs be. Personally, I enjoy finding creative ways out of corners and this probably happens to me quite a lot as I use the ‘panster’ method of writing.

Hope this helps.

Hearts and kisses