What kind of Fae are you?

Below are a series of questions, all you have to do is pick an answer a b or c note it down and see what you have the most of at the end.

1- Do you-

A/ have a wickedly sharp tongue?
B/ prefer to stay quiet (your quite shy)?
C/ prefer to be candid no matter the consequences?

2- Do you-

A/ like making mischief?
B/ like helping others?
C/ like spending time in nature?

3- Do you prefer-

A/ to soak up the sun?
B/ to be wild and run free?
C/ to be pampered?

4- Which aroma are you most fond of?

A/ Salty sea water
B/ Apple and cinnamon
C/ Wild flowers

Did you score-

Mostly As?

You’re a mermaid.


You like causing mischief and are as beautiful as you are deadly.

Mostly Bs?

You are a fairy.

Only kinder 😊


You are quite shy and often flit around. But you smell as sweet as you are.

Mostly Cs?

You are a unicorn.


You are full of love and devotion. But will fight for what you believe in even if it’s not quite as pure of a cause as myth would have people think.