The weeping angel

‘He stood in his full glory, stretching his wingspan and willing himself to cry-’ – Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code (chapter 22, page 142)


– Xander played the classic angel weeping


This particular scene was derived from a phenomenon occurring in reality. One in which thousands of people all over the globe have seen images within the cloud formations in the sky. Images later reported to be of the said coming within biblical texts, announcing and affirmative presence of many religious entities upon earth.


As with the realistic element of the blue moon within my book to help ground the novel, this phenomenon was incorporated to show the deep sorrow and light religious aspect within the book.


Some of the cloud phenomenons have scientific reasons behind them, such as the cloud angel – caused by flares let off by military planes. The smoke from which create the pattern known as the cloud/smoke angel.


Some say these phenomena are hallucinations or merely what the viewer wants to see. But either way, these natural phenomenon’s hold a realistic grounding within our society when so many people have reported their existence.


So to add to the horror of the mass murder in my book I added the elemental vulnerability and despair that most of us would relate too in the form of a weeping angel.



Hearts and Kisses