The effect writing can have on our health

Okay, so there are many forms of stress relief but did you know that writing can be one of them?


How can writing help us to expel some of the negativity in our life’s?


Keeping a journal can be therapeutic and cleansing for our minds by dispersing the negativity we have picked up throughout the day. This can be done by keeping a daily journal so we have somewhere to express our emotions and feelings over events. We can always look back over these to see what actions we could have done differently to affect the outcome. So as not to feel that depressing negativity and in doing so learn from our mistakes which also help us manage our emotional state.


Another way to cleanse these negative emotions from your mind is to express yourself through the prose and rhyme of poetry and then share them with your friends and relatives. This is  a creative way to talk about something that has upset or unnerved you, allowing it to be openly discussed.


So why not give it a go?


See if you can feel less stressed by writing your thoughts – maybe journaling is the way to go.

Stay safe

Hearts and kisses