Essence part 1

As you can see from my earlier blog ‘ Talula’s interview’. All characters need an essence for the reader to bond with. Something that makes them more than just words on a page.


This comes in two ways;

  • Learning your VOICE
  • Knowing you CHARACTURE


Today we will focus on voice.

What writers and authors refer to as ‘your voice’ is the way you present your characters opinions through the written word.

Personally in my experience   finding my own ‘voice’ took a long time, a lot of patients and a lot of practice exploring my own, as well as other authors writing styles.


So what can help you find your voice?


V – Visualise (Your character, their features, dialect and how they would act in the environment around them).


O – Overview (Take a step back, put your writing down and go back to it a week later with fresh eyes. Do the characters fit in the time period you have set them or do they stand out? Check and review their appearance, their features and dialect – are they consistent though out your work? Does their attitude change and develop with their different experiences as a real persons would?)


I – Image (Immerse yourself in the characters world, imagine you are them – this makes it easier to manipulate your character and story line in a believable way).


C – Criticise (Before anyone can critique your work – you need to critique your own. If you say ‘zombies live on Mars’ prove it, make it a possibility for your reader to believe it).


E – Expectation – (The whole idea of a ‘writers voice’ is so that you can tell an author’s work from the words they write and the style they write in, without knowing who the book is written by or its title. So set high (but realistic) expectations for yourself and strive to meet them).



The last point I can tell you is to read other authors work.

Read, read and read!

You will soon pick up on what makes their style of voice successful.

And then go for it and try your own!


Hearts and Kisses