Christmas character interview – special!

 Hi everyone, so today Blaze is going to tell us a bit about her childhood – before her identity was uncovered by the herd, as a Doublicorn.

So Blaze what do you remember of your childhood?

My family obviously. (Snarls a little) My home, realm. Normal boring shit like that.


Okay, tell us about where you lived. (Smiles encouragingly if not a little fearfully).

Fine. (Harrumphs) I lived in a little shelter at the edge of the unicorn meadow near the woods in the fae realm.


Did you like living there?


Why would I have?

I was never allowed to play with the other kids. (Unfolds arms) I used to watch them play through cracks in the wall. (Arms fold suddenly) Don’t get me wrong, my parents were amazing. It wasn’t their fault I was – different.


Was it hard being different?

(Raises one eyebrow) Is she really asking us if it’s hard being different? “Humans!”


Yes. But my parents kept me hidden – safe.

We only wanted to be like everyone else.

Being different hurt, made me-


ANGRY! (Stands abruptly and storms towards the door)


Wait for Blaze – please – just one more question!

(Blaze turns) Fast.


Do you think if you had someone to talk to, someone you could trust – about your anger and confusion at why you’re different – then they could have helped you and things would have been easier?

It would have been nice to confide in someone.


Thank you, Bl-

(Door slams shut behind her)


Remember if you need to talk to someone there are always people waiting;


Hearts and Kisses