A romantic thread

Let’s face it, most of us look for a little romance in our lives and so expect the same of our character friends in books.



The way I write, I like to create romance through friendship- as I believe friendship is an essential platform for a relationship to begin.

But as in any relationship, there has to be a little turmoil. It could be a disagreement on beliefs, laws, ethics or even understandings of an event. This in turn leads the characters into conflict with each other and in doing so we begging to attach ourselves to that character via our empathy for them as we relate on a realistic level. By doing this we create a stronger relationship between our characters and an emotional depth in their personality.

In fiction we tend to fantasise our romance a little more so it appeals more to our fairy tale images, having our characters over coming everything, accepting all of each other’s dark secrets with unquestionable dedication.

This is not how all romances work but is more of a generalised expectation among fantasy genres such as my own.

I hope you enjoyed this one and are staying safe.

Hearts and Kisses